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Grab my 25 favorite services to quickly & profitably scale to 5-figure months!

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    Kelsey Kerslake

    CEO & Creative Director at Pinegate Road

    Who am I?

    Hey there! I'm Kelsey, and I'm obsessed with your dreams. Seriously! I've learned first-hand how close our dreams truly are, but they're often times hiding behind fear, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence.
    My goal with everything that I do is to help you shed these barriors that are holding you back from reaching your true potential. Starting with inspiring you with some amazing offerings that can help you scale simply and easily!

    What will you learn?

    In this free training, I'll be covering:

    • 25 offerings you can provide your clients to easily scale to 5-figure months for your business


    • Actual numbers and sales goals that you can use to sell your new services
    • Key action steps to take once you've listened to the full training